Give Your Overall Health a Boost With IV Nutrition Therapy

One of the best ways to begin a new year — and a whole new decade — is by taking steps to improve your overall health and wellness. For some, that means getting more exercise, refining their diet, or learning how to cook healthy, delicious foods.

Nearly everyone can benefit from these positive steps, but there’s another way to enhance your health that you may have overlooked: IV nutrition therapy.

Here at Concierge IV Nutrition in Beverly Hills, California, our naturopathic and integrative medicine physicians offer IV vitamin therapy as a method of ensuring that your body gets the essential nutrients it needs to function optimally. This intravenous therapy helps your body get the fluids, vitamins, and minerals it needs to improve your overall health. Your whole body can benefit with a boost from IV nutrition therapy. 

Why IV therapy is so beneficial

You might be wondering why you should consider intravenous vitamin therapy over simply taking an oral supplement or two. The biggest advantage of IV vitamin therapy is that it can deliver the vitamins and minerals you need without your body having to digest them first. 

Oral supplements have to go through your digestive system before they enter your bloodstream and offer the most benefit. By the time you digest them, the process limits the amount of nutrients your body takes away from a pill form of a supplement.

Vitamins and other nutrients delivered intravenously go directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract altogether. This means you get the maximum health benefits from the supplements so you can feel better and boost your overall health and wellness without waiting for the vital nutrients to get into your system.

IV nutrition therapy has the ability to improve the function of several of your body’s systems.

Customized options based on your individual needs

Another way IV nutrition therapy can help improve your overall health and well-being is through our customized solutions. Maybe you want to boost your body’s immune system to help fight off the common cold and flu, so we may recommend an immunity IV drip. 

Or, if you want to improve energy and mental clarity, our naturopathic physicians may suggest the Myers’ cocktail — a solution that contains:

If you’re kicking off a weight-loss program this year, we have an IV infusion for that, too. Our weight-loss IV drips contain the vitamins and minerals your body needs to support your adrenal glands, give you more energy, and help you lose fat.

Additionally, we offer IV nutrition therapy to enhance beauty, to promote a healthy pregnancy, to relax your nervous system, and to cleanse and detoxify your liver. IV therapy might also help improve many existing health conditions, such as:

Whether you have specific needs you want to address or you simply want to enhance your overall health and wellness and start the year off feeling your best, IV nutrition therapy may be just what the doctor ordered.

Have questions? We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call at 424-260-8912, or request the next available appointment online to schedule your consultation.

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