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In a world where the increasing demands of our daily lives impact our health and well-being, it’s important to have a refuge where you can re-charge and re-energize. That is the concept behind Concierge IV Nutrition, a clinic run in Beverly Hills, California by Raha Akhavan, MD, and a team of licensed naturopathic doctors dedicated to helping you enhance your immune system, cleanse your body and minimize the side effects of aging through naturopathic and integrative medicine. 

The natural preventive treatments the team administers, including IV therapy and NAD+ therapy, are based on their adherence to modern research and the most respected principles of good health and qualitative medicine. They develop proprietary formulas, consisting of the purest ingredients—each personalized for your distinct body and goals.

At Concierge IV Nutrition, the team takes your good health seriously. And it shows in the knowledge and professionalism of the medical staff. They invite you to meet their distinguished doctors by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.

Can’t come to us? No problem. Mobile IV services available!

Concierge IV Nutrition offers mobile concierge services coming right to your door. In support of your lifestyle, mobile options for integrative medicine, vitamin therapy, and other services are available to you where you need it, when you need it. Call the office for more details!

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Take Wellness to the Next Level

Your body has its own unique nutritional needs, in order to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Why settle for a one-injection-fits-all solution, when Concierge IV Nutrition can customize your energy and wellness routine so you operate at peak performance. With licensed Naturopathic doctors on site, free initial consultation and competitive prices, now you can develop a plan to sustain your long-term well being.

Let our physicians personalize your nutritional program through a wide choice of IVs, boosters, tests and naturopathic supplements. It can be as simple or as comprehensive as you want it to be. Concierge IV Nutrition – natural protection for healthy lifestyles.

Call 424-335-0260 to Schedule Your Complimentary 15-minute Onsite Consultation with a Naturopathic Doctor


Our licensed Naturopathic doctors perform all procedures for superior quality control and peace of mind.


Expand your options for better health, through a wide range of IV’s, injections and other wellness services.


Let our doctors create a unique wellness plan targeted to your specific health objectives and lifestyle needs.


Get personal boutique-style service and products at unmatched prices, to fit your budget.

Easy Clinic

Both free parking and street parking eliminate typical Los Angeles parking woes.

Quick, Relaxing

Take 20 minutes or less to rest and rejuvenate in a comfortable, calming environment.

High Dose Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the body’s necessary components for making collagen, a protein that plays a valuable role in helping wounds to heal. Vitamin C has known positive benefits of immune modulation, including anti-viral and antibacterial properties.

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